PDF-Book “Paishache Aarthashastra”

PDF Book "Paishache Aarthashastra"

Author: Dr. Medha Kanetkar

Education: M.Com.,M.A.( ECO, MAR), M.Phil(comm.) Ph.D.( Comm), SET(Comm)

Email: medhakanetkar@gmail.com
Mobile: +91 9372303036

About the Author
This book is written by Dr. Medha Kanetkar associate professor of commerce at C. P. & Berar College Tulsibag Mahal Nagpur.
She has been writing more than 100 books on commerce and economics.


Money economics is key factor of economic growth. his book is providing information about evolution of money, functions of money, Inflation and deflation, Types of money and related information.
This book is benefitial for the students of economics and commerce.

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