Audio Book “Insurance”

Audio Book "Insurance"

Author: Dr. Medha Kanetkar

Education: M.Com.,M.A.( ECO, MAR), M.Phil(comm.) Ph.D.( Comm), SET(Comm)

Mobile: +91 9372303036

About the Author
This book is written by Dr. Medha Kanetkar associate professor of commerce at C. P. & Berar College Tulsibag Mahal Nagpur.
She has been writing more than 100 books on commerce and economics


Insurance is the key factor to develop any economy . To protect financial losses in treding and business insurance helps a lot. It gives security to life and wealth in this audio book basic important information is provided to students to understand the insurance industry.
This book is published by C P& Berar College
This audiobook contains an introduction and 10 episodes.

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