Audio Book “Banking System”

Audio Book "Banking System"

Author: Dr. Medha Kanetkar

Education: M.Com.,M.A.( ECO, MAR), M.Phil(comm.) Ph.D.( Comm), SET(Comm)

Mobile: +91 9372303036

About the Author
This book is written by Dr. Medha Kanetkar associate professor of commerce at C. P. & Berar College Tulsibag Mahal Nagpur.
She has been writing more than 100 books on commerce and economics.


This audio book is about the banking system and the functions of Banks. It provides information about the bank, it’s evolution, it’s function, types and importance of Banks.
Banking is one of the core subject for all competitive Exams This book will definitely give support to students to studying on this complicated subject, Also the common man who wants to know about the banking will also getting knowledge of the banks from this audio book.


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